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Questions? Call us on +31 (0) 492530945




Volleyball is a sport suitable for everyone, from young to old. This is why we have volleyballs in our range for amateurs and professionals, for children and adults, for training or competition and for schools, associations and volleyball clubs. Our company offers balls in size 4 for children aged 10 to 14 and size 5 for older players aged 15 and up.

With us, you have a choice from the following top brands:

  • Mikasa (including the Mikasa V200W: the official FIVB match ball)
  • Gala (various Gala balls are approved by the FIVB and Nevobo)
  • Molton (for school sports and clubs)
  • Conti (for school sports and clubs)
  • Schelde Sports (for school sports and clubs)
  • Nexan (for school sports and clubs)

Foam volleyballs are suitable for beginners and training with children. The softer and lighter volleyballs are often used in physical education too. These move more slowly and give the student more time to get into position.

In addition to a variety of volleyball balls, you can also come to us for volleyball installations. These complete sets are suitable for matches, clubs and schools. For the school yard, we also offer a suitable outdoor volleyball installation.