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Volleyball set College

Complete school set: 2 volleyball posts with school/recreational net and antennas


€1,380.00 excl. VAT

Product number: 1654045
Delivery time: max. 6 weeks


• set consists of: 1x volleyball post with net hooks (1654130), 1x volleyball post with net attachment and cleat (1654135), 1x rope/pulley tightening system (1654555) for the suspension of the volleyball net, 1 school and recreational net (1654006) and 1 set of antennas and antenna pockets (1654670)
• with long and short sliding strip with net hooks
• clear cm indication on the posts
• can be equipped with sliding strips on 2 sides
• posts ø 101 mm
• set rope/pulley tightening system consists of chain, double and single pulley with rope, D-locks and hooks
• chain can be attached to underside of tightening bar at any desired length
• school and recreational net with strong Kevlar cord and 4-point attachment
• ground facilities are not included

Important to know

  • Markings on the post of volleyball, badminton and tennis competition heights
  • Sliding strips quickly and easily adjustable with the new grips
  • Sturdy end bumpers prevent damage to floor
  • Side bars tighten the net well
  • Antennas and antenna bags included


Diameter 10.1 cm
Type of use School and training
Quantity Per set
Type Posts



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