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Questions? Call us on +31 (0) 492530945

Storage bracket for poles

Also for use in storing mini trampolines

€68.25 excl. VAT

Product number: 1387114
Delivery time: 1-5 working days


• semi-circular bracket covered with core leather
• per piece
• 2 pieces are required to store 1 pole or 1 trampoline

Important to know

  • Mounting material included
  • Sturdy metal wall bracket covered with core leather
  • Impact-resistant epoxy varnish


Color Silver-grey
Quantity Per piece



Volleyball post with built-in rope/tensioning pulley
With sliding strips with rope/tensioning pulley in a safe tube
Product number: 1654125
€623.00 excl. VAT
Minitrampoline, 112x112 cm
Frame 112x112 cm, bed 60x60 cm
Product number: 1411020
€811.00 excl. VAT
Badminton pole aluminium
With adjustable sliding part with cable guidance and securing clamp
Product number: 1653090
€375.00 excl. VAT
Schelde Sports Volleyball post with net hooks, ø 101 mm
With long and short sliding strip with net hooks
Product number: 1654130
€540.00 excl. VAT
Minitrampoline, 115x115 cm
With handy castors
Product number: 1411811
€793.00 excl. VAT



Storage bracket for extra equipment
For storing ladders, slides, etc. vertically
Product number: 1555224
€170.00 excl. VAT
Club rack
Product number: 1534014
€331.00 excl. VAT
Universal storage bracket
For the storage of e.g. supports and balance beams
Product number: 1387144
€109.00 excl. VAT
Hoop rack
Sturdy lockable storage rack
Product number: 1542004
€97.50 excl. VAT
Storage hook for nets
For storing nets
Product number: 1654018
€53.25 excl. VAT