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Questions? Call us on +31 (0) 492530945

Open-end trampoline Booster Board

For learning low-impact jumping exercises


€1,340.00 excl. VAT

Product number: 1411075
Delivery time: 1-5 working days


• for school and amateur sports
• stable tube frame 100x135 cm
• height adjustable 26.5-32 cm
• jumping bed made of double perlon (93x57 cm)
• 42 steel springs
• blue padding

Important to know

  • The perfect combination between the classical springboard and a minitrampoline
  • Suitable for athletes of all ages and levels
  • Can also be used as a competition and methodical tool in gymnastics and as a springboard in indoor freerunning/parkour
  • The open front makes it safe to use (barrier-free jump-in)
  • Easy transport due to integrated wheels


Length 135 cm
Width 100 cm
Weight 33 kg
TypeofUse 1400
Use 100
Adjustability 3200



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Open end mini trampoline school model
School model
Product number: 1411011
€951.00 excl. VAT
Minitrampoline "Open-end"
Classic model
Product number: 1411010
€1,180.00 excl. VAT
Minitrampoline, 112x112 cm
Frame 112x112 cm, bed 60x60 cm
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€811.00 excl. VAT
Minitrampoline, 115x115 cm
With handy castors
Product number: 1411811
€793.00 excl. VAT
Minitrampoline Teamgym
A trampoline for top sport, high-grade acrobatic and show groups
Product number: 1411050
€1,810.00 excl. VAT