Gymnastics suppliers Olympic Games 2016

30 October 2014

Dear Gymnastics Friends,

We are delighted and proud to announce that the Organising Committee of the Rio Olympic Games has awarded the consortium (Spieth/Janssen-Fritsen, Eurotramp, Gymnova) with the assignment to supply all gymnastics equipment. 

Our cooperation involves the supply of all apparatus, mats, podium and technical support for the for Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics and the Trampoline competitions.
As partners we have divided the apparatus for each discipline according to the schedule
The FIG has approved of our collaboration. 

Our presence at this milestone event is a very important step for us to realise our contribution to the ‘Olympic Dream’ we share with a generation of ambitious athletes and to underline our continuous dedication to Gymnastics.

We will continuously update you and offer the possibility to speak with our knowledgeable teams in person. 
We have, as individual brands, planned to be present at all major gymnastic events in preparation to the Games.

With great ambition, we are looking forward to our presence at the 2016 Games!

Take a look at the apparatus

See you in Rio!