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Beach volleyball set 'Pro Beach' SCB

Pro Beach' net system with removable ground sockets and ground plates for free positioning (with wooden posts)

€3,390.00 excl. VAT

Product number: 1640028
Delivery time: max. 6 weeks


• 1 pair “Pro Beach” net posts made of powder coated aluminium profile (91x91 mm), certified DVV-1
• 2 removable ground sockets
• 2 ground plates with permanently welded sand protection frame and cover made of galvanised steel
• cross bar set (6 pieces) made of impregnated pine, 150x8.8x8.8 cm (lxwxh)
• 8.5 m “Pro Beach Plus” net manufactured according to DVV and FIVB regulations, knotless net made of 3 mm-thick polypropylene rope
• 1 pair of beach volleyball antennas, 2-piece
• court marking “Pro Beach” with elastic sand anchor plates on the corners, for courts of size 18x9 m and 16x8 m
• 1 pair post protection pad 2 m long (inside dimensions: 10x10 cm), weatherproof

Important to know

  • Complete and excellent stable system, tested and certified for many years
  • The ground sockets of the net posts are easy to attach to base plates without the use of tools
  • Ground plates are easily anchored in the sand with wooden bars
  • Net system is easy to set up in an existing sand surface
  • Moving to another location is also possible


Type of use Competition
Use Outdoor
Quantity Per set



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