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Springboard Ergotramp

The equipment to learn vaulting on a springboard

€1,210.00 excl. VAT

Product number: 1411070
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ORIGINAL REUTHER. This trampoline springboard has practically the same contact surface as a regular springboard but with dynamic properties comparable to a mini-trampoline. The 38 springs covered with Bisonyl padding are set in a tubular frame. The height is adjustable from 26 to 32 cm, with 2 cm increments. The board has two wheels in front for easy transport and has rubber floor protectors at all sides. Size: 135 x 100 cm. Suitable for gymnasts up to maximum 60 kg.

Important to know

  • Primary school and methodical gymnastics training
  • Limited jumping experience or supervised training
  • Up to 60 kg
  • Lower impact on joints
  • Jumping technique from the springboard


Length 135 cm
Width 100 cm
Material Woven nylon bed
Adjustability Height adjustment from 34 to 45 cm
Portable Transport system included



Minitrampoline "Open-end"
Classic model
Product number: 1411010
€1,140.00 excl. VAT



Springboard 'Budapest'
Original System Reuther
Product number: 1411774
€729.00 excl. VAT
Springboard 'Mini' System Reuther
Springboard 'Mini', good shock absorption
Product number: 1411754
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Open-end trampoline Booster Board
For learning low-impact jumping exercises
Product number: 1411075
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