Training without even knowing it!

11 October 2016

Some games are so exciting you don’t even know you’re training. This is one of them: Flag-attack!
Children can play flag-attack during PE lessons in the gym or outside. It’s a very simple game.

Every player wears a Velcro strap with two flags attached. When the game begins, the other players have to capture the flag.

The player who loses both flags, is out. The player who captures the most flags, has won the game.

Why flag-attack?
The most sports and games in PE are meant for training a particular skill. This bores kids. In flag-attack you can train many skills, without even knowing!
Agility is the main skill you’re training in flag-attack. But of course tactics is also important when playing flag-attack.

But there’s more to the game! When playing in multiple teams, children learn to collaborate.
Many sports have physical contact, which can easily contribute to injuries. But in flag-attack, there is only physical contact in obtaining the flags.

Different playing
Apart from the basic flag-attack game, there are lots of variants:

  • Working with teams: teams can only take flags from the other team
  • Every competitor has to catch another colour flag
  • Award points to every flag. Some flags can have more points than others

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