Our three most educative products

14 September 2020

Making each PE lesson unique and educative is quite a challenge. These three educative products will help you to create a solid base.


Basketball Shoot Trainer

Practicing ball shooting, dribbling and dunking. Kids learn all of this for the first time during PE lessons.
By putting their hands on the marked area, kids learn to shoot a ball correctly. This basketball help is available in two sizes. Simple and effective.


Somersault mat

Learning to make a somersault isn’t always easy. But with the somersault mat, that’s a different story.

Kids spontaneously place head, hands and feet in the right place. Which makes a somersault a piece of cake!


Score where the lights are burning. Keeping track of your own or team performances is easy with the SmartGoals. Place the goals and start the app. Easy as that!

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