One step up the CSR-ladder

07 February 2017

Excercising in a fun and safe way with a minimal risk of injuries is a continuous challenge. Every day we are working on improving the quality of our equipment. Our efforts are often verified and rewarded with certificates. Recently we’ve obtained level 3 on the CSR-ladder.

Exercising in a responsible way is important. The way we organise our company we find at least as important. Therefor we strongly consider the society in our choices. Not only the environment, but also the people involved. The CSR Performance Ladder is the perfect method for us to sort out all requests and demands from the world around us. We constantly consider if we can improve ourselves by evaluating the consequences of our activities.

Efforts are rewarded
Recently we’ve obtained the CSR Performance Ladder level 3 certificate. And we are proud of that! It matches our other certificates, like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSC® and PEFC. We prove that what we claim, is being verified independently.

Our products are also certified, and therefor fulfil the requirements of the TÜV, the FIG, the FIBA and the CE-guidelines.

CSR is in our genes
We find the production of safe equipment and products important. From the first bolt to the last layer of varnish we evaluate the risks and remove potential danger. Product development can count on full attention, for new and existing products.

CSR is in our genes. Our main products have the FSC® of PEFC logo. Our Bisonyl products are guaranteed Phthalate free and our sport balls have the No Child Labour Guarantee.
The Sports for Children foundation has supplied over 15 countries with refurbished sporting equipment. We are proud of that.