Meanwhile in Rio...

11 August 2016

United by craftsmanship and love for sports, Schelde Sports and SPIETH Gymnastics are attending the Olympic Games in a special way.

Olympic Games 2016 Rio de Janeiro SPIETH Gymnastics Olympic Games 2016 Rio de Janeiro basketball Schelde Sports

The team, making sure everything goes well.


170 gymnastics apparatuses being used at the Olympic Games, are manufactured by SPIETH Gymnastics. The 28 basketball backstops being used, are manufactured by Schelde Sports.
In many ways, these Olympic Games are special. These are the first South American Games ever. The 1.000th gymnastics medal will be awarded during these Games. And Rio de Janeiro couldn’t be a more exotic and colourful place to celebrate Olympic victory.


Although we think participating is more important than winning, we would like to wish all the athletes good luck in going for gold!