5 must-have items for sports halls

17 August 2020

Making a varied P.E. lesson doesn’t have to be hard. There are some must-have items for your sports hall and we would like to share them with you.

Springkasten - Janssen-Fritsen
Vaulting box
The number 1 must-have in your sports hall is a vaulting box. The Multibox® is the most versatile solution for physical education. All sides of the vault can be connected to other apparatuses or accessories. This sturdy box has a step-up, drawer and wheels.

Springplank - Janssen-Fritsen
Each springboard is tailored to the level and age of the user. Each springboard has it’s own spring characteristics, which contributes to the motor development.

Turnbanken - Janssen-Fritsen
Gymnastic benches
The gymnastic bench is for all ages: a toddler who walks over the bench, a child that balances on the balancing slat underneath the bench, or an older child that sits on the bench. The gymnastic bench can be connected safely to a climbing frame, trapeze or vaulting box. Do you want a long or short gymnastic bench? With or without a balancing slat? View gymnastic benches in the webshop

Mats have a multifunctional purpose, connectable and an embedded orientation line. Handy grips at the back: two handles to easily move the mat.

Trampoline - Janssen-Fritsen
Mini trampoline
What is better than being launched off of a trampoline? Literally rising above yourself. A trampoline is a must-have in many P.E. exercises. Convenient to move with wheels and fitted with a sturdy and washable protective pad.

Traditional but innovative
Also vary with interactive tools, added to the more traditional apparatuses. Make interactive goals using the SmartGoals and use the SmartBasket to measure and play games.