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Questions? Call us on +31 (0) 492530944

Mat set "Moscow" Vault (training), 2.5 m

Competition set, Vault, 600x250x20 cm

€4,630.00 excl. VAT

Product number: 1565802
Delivery time: max. 6 weeks


ORIGINAL REUTHER - FIG certified3 landing mats 250 x 200 x 20 cm plus 2 ubpolstery mats each 55 x 100 x 20 cmcolor: spieth-blue

Important to know

  • New development in sandwich construction, additional edge stabilization and durable needle felt surface
  • The handy grips also provide necessary air circulation thus ensuring optimal damping during landings
  • Special latticed polyester material between the different foam layers to provide longer durability
  • Sewed-on Velcro strips at all sides
  • Mats can be linked in all directions


Length 600 cm
Width 250 cm
Height 20 cm
Color Blue
Standards FIG certified



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