Climbing walls

Our educational climbing walls are specially designed for physical education.

Sport climbing has become in integral part of physical education. When climbing, you enjoy a challenging workout while at the same time developing balance, power and coordination. It became so popular, that it will be introduced as an Olympic discipline at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Janssen-Fritsen is the supplier of Entre-Prises climbing walls.
We meet all your needs for climbing at your school:

  • Traverse and bouldering walls
  • Modular climbing walls
  • Educational climbing walls

The unique MozaiK climbing panel modules allow you to create both simple and complex 3D-climbing walls.


Auto belay
Safety first, no need to depend on a human belay thanks to TRUBLUE auto belay. TRUBLUE auto belay is our self-regulating magnetic braking system which accommodates the widest range of climber weights and meets the strictest international safety standards.

Introduce your students in this fascinating sport and challenge your future climbing specialists!

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